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Business or Private Aircraft Acquisition

The following information and our subsequent analysis is required to get an indication of the type of aircraft that would best suit your needs, and of course your budget. This will not only give you an indicative figure of the initial outlay involved in buying an aircraft, it will also give you an understanding of what it will cost to run your business or private aircraft.

Running costs include repairs, maintenance, fuel, insurance, airport taxes, landing fees, flight personnel and catering, if applicable, plus the costs of layovers. We can also provide you with the likely future depreciation profile of the aircraft under consideration. 

It is wise to build in a financial buffer into any costings, as these expenses can vary significantly with little or no warning. Owning a business or private aircraft is clearly not suitable for everyone, however Aura Aviation aims to guide you through the complexities and ensure that you are armed with the knowledge to purchase the correct aircraft for your needs, if it is indeed applicable to your flying profile.

Take the first step in buying an aircraft with Aura Aviation, by speaking with one of our professional aviation consultants. You can call us directly on the number below, or complete the contact form available.


In either case, a member of our aviation team will be on hand to have an initial consultation with you, working to understand your specific requirements and guide you through the typical acquisition process. 

Our experienced team can also facilitate aircraft finance solutions and delivery into service - ensuring that all operational matters are taken care of for you. 

Discretion is assured. 

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